Erik Thomsen has been a dealer in Japanese art since 1981. Born to Danish parents and raised in Japan, he is fluent in Japanese and was the first foreigner to apprentice to an art dealer in Japan (the Tanaka Onkodō Gallery in Aoyama, Tokyo).

The Thomsen gallery, located in the Upper East Side of Manhattan, offers important Japanese paintings and works of art to museums and collectors worldwide. The gallery specializes in Japanese screens and scrolls; in early Japanese tea ceramics from the medieval through the Edo periods; in masterpieces of ikebana bamboo baskets; and in gold lacquer objects. It further specializes in post-war ink art by Yuichi Inoue and Shiryu Morita and contemporary art by select artists, such as the internationally renowned Japanese ceramic artist Sueharu Fukami.

Erik and Cornelia Thomsen live and work in New York. They have three children: Julia, Anna and Georg.