Sueharu Fukami


Publisher: Erik Thomsen.

Dimensions: 11¾ x 8¼ in.

Pages: 92

It is my great pleasure to host a solo exhibition of works by Sueharu Fukami, the most famous Japanese ceramicist working today. Over twenty years ago I found my first Fukami piece in Kyoto, a vase whose sleek lines and beautiful glaze fascinated me (catalog nr. 18). Four years later, in 1991, I met Sueharu Fukami for the first time at the wedding ceremony of my brother, who married the artist’s niece. Since then I have kept in close contact with him, seeing his works in his home as well as at museums, galleries, and private collections, and adding gradually to my collection. This exhibition—the inaugural exhibit at our new gallery location in New York— marks the first time that I show my appreciation publicly.


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