Asia Week New York 2018: Lacquer works by Yoshio Okada and Washi Screens by Kyoko Ibe

15 - 24 March 2018

Starting this Thursday March 15 and continuing through Saturday March 24, Asia Week New York is New York's major annual event for lovers of art from the world's most populous continent, featuring museum exhibitions, lectures, auctions, and over 40 gallery shows on the Upper East Side.


Our gallery show, Lacquer Boxes by Yoshio Okada and Washi Screens by Kyoko Ibecontrasts exquisite miniatures with large-scale folding screens by two artists who breathe new vitality into Japan's most venerated craft traditions.  Working with recycled antique paper and ink Ibe creates screens with dynamic abstract designs that "offer our ancestors a new lease one life in the present." Okada uses ancient lacquer techniques to make small boxes that uncannily capture the vastness of the cosmos.