Asia Week New York 2016: Taisho Era Screens and Contemporary Lacquers by Yoshio Okada

10 March - 15 April 2016
Running from March 10 through March 19 and featuring exhibitions, auctions, and over 50 gallery shows on the Upper East Side and beyond, Asia Week is New York's major annual event for lovers of art from the world's most populous continent.
For 2016, Erik Thomsen Gallery presents a solo exhibition of contemporary lacquer and a selection of Japanese screens from the early 20th century. We're also showing at the Japanese Art Dealers Association of New York's special annual exhibition.
Our Asia Week gallery exhibition, Contemporary Lacquer by Yoshio Okada and Taisho-Era Screens, contrasts exquisite miniatures with large-scale pictorial compositions. The highlight of Okada's display is a group of small boxes decorated with intricate designs featuring an inlaid moon amongst clouds of gold, silver, and shell. Shown alongside is a group of folding screens from the Taisho era (1912-1926), a time of profound change in Japanese art when expansive works were created for a newly wealthy and powerful domestic elite. Though they focused on traditional themes, Taisho-era painters also experimented with new materials and global perspectives.


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