Masters of Bamboo Art: Baskets and Sculptures 1910 – 2010

11 November - 20 December 2013

The exhibition features more than 40 works, including masterpieces by three representatives of the Iizuka line, which has played such a dominant role in bamboo art in the eastern half of Honshu: Iizuka Hosai, Iizuka Rokansai, and Iizuka Shokansai, named a Living National Treasure in 1982. Only six bamboo artists have received this high honor.  We are proud to feature all but one of the Living National Treasures in the present exhibition: Iizuka Shokansai, Maeda Chikubosai II, Shono Shounsai, Katsushiro Soho, and Fujinuma Noboru, who was named in 2012. 

Our selection covers every aspect of the art as it has evolved over the last century, with several examples by leading members and disciples of the Tanabe family. Based in Osaka, they are pioneers and guardians of the classic Kansai style, and include Tanabe Shochiku--the future Chikuunsai IV--a young man of great potential who was selected to make some of the utensils for the 62nd rebuilding of the Ise Grand Shrine, completed last month. 

In addition to the great Iizuka and Tanabe lines, we celebrate the achievements of other groundbreaking individuals who continue to take Japanese bamboo in exciting and creative directions: Yamaguchi Ryuun, Mimura Chikuho, and Honda Shoryu from Oita Prefecture, and, from Hiroshima, Monden Kogyoku--maker of intricate, bird's-nest-like structures--who celebrates his 97th birthday this year!