Asia Week JADA Exhibition

16 - 20 March 2013

The Ukrainian Institute, 2 East 79th Street, New York


JADA 2013: An Exhibition by the Japanese Art Dealers Association will be held at the Ukrainian Institute of America from March 16 to March 20. As in previous years, the emphasis is on the traditional arts of Japan, from pre-historic times through the early 20th century. 


We will be showing Shoreline at Dusk, an exceptional pair of six-panel folding screens by Furuya Korin (1875-1910), a noted colleague of Kamisaka Sekka, both of whom were published in luxurious volumes during the Meiji period by the Kyoto publisher Unsōdō. The screens, which are painted in mineral colors, gold and silver on silk and show Western influences in perspective and realism, were exhibited and published in Kyoto in 1910, during the last year of Furuya's short life. 


Other works  we will exhibit  at JADA's collaborative mini-fair include gold-lacquer writing boxes, hanging scroll paintings and a 16th-century Tamba jar with spectacular glaze, which is part of a small exhibition, Momoyama Style!  This exhibition celebrates a period of great opulence among Japan's ruling warlords and, on the opposite end of the artistic spectrum, exceptionally creative and deliberately imperfect tea ware.