Japanese Modern Masterpieces 1910-1940

18 - 25 March 2022



The 2022 Asia Week exhibition at Thomsen Gallery features Japanese modern masterpieces of paintings, gold-lacquer wares, and ikebana bamboo baskets. The folding screens and hanging scrolls on view date from the Taisho and early Showa eras, 1910-1940, which was a time of great change for Japan and its arts. Superb works were created during these years for the vibrant domestic art market, in contrast to the export-oriented output during the preceding Meiji era (1868-1912). Though most painters of the period typically remained focused on traditional themes, their work often experiments with new materials and perspectives and shows Western influences. The superbly executed gold lacquer boxes highlight the technical perfection in works of art that were made in traditional formats and materials but explored new worlds of expression and design. The ikebana baskets in the exhibition are all by Iizuka Rōkansai (1890-1958), considered to be the greatest bamboo artist of all time.


Opening hours: 

Friday March 18 through Friday March 25

Daily 11am-5pm